As we begin 2009, I wanted to reflect on the past few months in our community.  Although this past year brought many challenges, God has seen fit for us to grow as a community in our ability to break away from our tendency to ‘never let ‘em see you sweat.’  We heard stories about our own weaknesses and tendency to rely on self both in Scripture and from each other.  We also learned more about God’s amazing grace and how Christ meets us particularly in our difficulties.  In C.S. Lewis’ words, “Aslan is on the move” or at least seems to be in our community and in our church.
This year we will begin a new study in the book of Acts.  It truly is a book about God being on the move…How do we know when God really is moving?  Luke wrote this record to remind us of those things and to exhort and encourage us that even when the world looked its darkest, especially for the church (not the institution but the people), it is when God moved most powerfully and visibly.  How will we know when God is truly moving at IPC and in your life?  Let’s find out together.


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