Thanks for dropping by my little blogsite!  I hope you find it helpful and stimulating.  If you care to know anything about the author of this site, here’s the lowdown.  After 15 years in the world of ‘professional’ ministry, I have returned to my true home in the world of therapeutic practice.  I am a trained Marriage and Family therapist with my own practice.  After putting off pursuing licensure because of my ministerial duties, I have now returned to that endeavor and look forward to getting that behind me.

If you are from Memphis and the outlying area and you need help, you can reach me here (click the link).

Also, I have recently accepted a position as the Director of Lifetime Covenant Ministries.  A new venture in the Memphis area, LCM’s vision is to influence the people of the Memphis and surrounding areas towards successful and godly marriages (and lives).  By God’s power, through the teaching of successful and effective life-changing concepts and the application of those concepts, we strive towards personal and marital restoration, as well as the renewal of corporate and cultural confidence in the basic structures of the marital institution.  More will be coming on this later.  Check out the button below to get a preview of the new LC site.

Lastly, and now for something completely different!  Photography has long since been my first artistic love.  Check out some of my shots…


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