Posted by: Ted Mattis | 17/07/2015

Last day at MDA

Hello to all of Sally’s friends, family and fanbase, this is her friend Sharon reporting from MD Anderson. Sally has had a very exhausting but informative and encouraging visit here. We met with the surgeon again yesterday and got the reports from the CT scan and MRI that were both done on Wednesday. Both of those tests show once again that the chemo is working marvelously!! Such answered prayers! She would tell you as much as she is dreading the next two chemo treatments that she is very glad it is doing what they had hoped and what all of you have prayed. I would tell you that our Sally is amazing! She has already made so many friends here and talks to everyone that we see. The night I was driving in I called her and she was in the restaurant visiting with her new cancer friends. She said “ I’ve got prostate on my left and colon on my right”!!
((((((((((((Sally’s Fan’s)))))))))))))))))))#mfsob Love, Sharon



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